Nicholas Fluhart

January 29, 2012

Mt. Holly January 2012

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Our annual Mt. Holly hunting trip, usually taking place in late October or early November, was postponed this last year due to excessive drought and fire bans. We reconvened the weekend of January 14th. We camped three nights and had a lot of fun. As always, there was plenty of food, guns, and riding to be had. Here are some of the few photos I have of the event:

It seems I have more pics of us cutting fire wood than anything else, nonetheless it was needed to survive the 20° nights and cold wind…

With camp provisions squared away, we set out for a hunt with the dog…

The next day it was too windy to hunt, so we engaged in some recreational shooting activities…

Our last night we had a pretty good ride, but after getting lost miles from civilization with temperatures rapidly dropping, no one was in the mood to take pictures.  However, after happening upon a rather oddly shaped tree, I couldn’t resist fishing out my camera and taking a few shots.

That wraps it up. Until next time…

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