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About My Projects

I’ll be posting a variety of the projects I’ve completed…..well, few projects are ever really “complete”. It seems I always find things to add, upgrade, or in some cases repair. Nevertheless, I thought I’d use this page to provide some context. I like working with a variety of different types of equipment and machines so that’s a lot of what you’ll see here. The actual “project” or building of the machines will be added as blog posts and viewable in the different categories seen in the column on the right. In addition to the build posts, I’ll try to add specific posts on general specs and features when possible. My work-related projects will also be posted under the “categories” section in the appropriate categories.

I enjoy taking machines from the past and breathing new life into them. While I don’t build them for show, I do like to give them a clean, solid cosmetic finish. I build my machines to use and I like them to be fully functional and capable of handling anything they may encounter in service…..and I do mean anything.

Why old?

To me, there’s nothing unique about a new motorcycle, ATV, or truck. After all, anyone can go down to a dealer, jump into debt, and purchase a new machine, they are plentiful. But when I see an old or rare machine that is in good, functional condition it really catches my interest. Someone put a lot of time and effort into building or maintaining something unique. You can’t just go down to a dealer and buy one. The process takes a lot of hard work and attention to detail. Restoring an old machine is a tedious process that takes a certain type of individual. Furthermore, there’s a history in every old machine and in many cases much has been forgotten. A restoration project not only brings life to the machine, it’s also a way of keeping its history alive.


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