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The purpose of this blog is to share some of my projects, hobbies, and interests with like-minded people, if there are any, and perhaps to exchange any useful information pertaining to the topics and/or machines posted here.  My interests are pretty much anything mechanical and tend to focus largely on functionality.  Please note, I don’t claim to be an expert. Anything posted here is strictly informational and may not be authoritative. Posts may vary widely, ranging from project updates to the day-to-day events and activities at my business, OmniSales International, LLC. Many of the posts will be heavy on photog, and due to the number of pictures, this blog is best viewed with a wide-screen monitor or in high resolution. Otherwise, things may appear a little snug.

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I’m a single, 30 year old entrepreneur living in southern Arkansas. I’m a member of Cross Life Church in El Dorado. I hold a bachelor of science from Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio (Summa Cum Laude 2006), two associate degrees from South Arkansas Community College (Phi Theta Kappa 2002 and 2004), and a number of technical certificates. Having said that, I’ll note that school really isn’t my thing, but I thought it may be useful at some point so I decided to knock it out (more like suffer through it) while I was still young……and I actually did pretty well. I’ve always been the entrepreneurial type, so I formed a business while in college to help put me through school. I know that sounds strange, but I really needed flexible hours and something better than minimum wage. Naturally, I thought, it would be much better to work for myself than someone else. So what could I do? Well, I had a solid background in mechanics, a little business sense and had accumulated a lot of parts and equipment (mostly motorcycle and ATV stuff, and some industrial equipment) so I decided to start selling on eBay. The short version: One thing led to another and I began buying and selling lots of mechanical parts and equipment, handling consignment contracts for various businesses and individuals in my region, and expanding to other venues. It just sort of built on itself (Actually it was God leading me. I know this because I’m completely incompetent otherwise. LOL)  and it’s still going strong today. The longer version contains detailed descriptions of the long hours and hard work portion of the story. Perhaps one day if I have more energy I’ll post it.

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