Nicholas Fluhart

October 23, 2011

2nd Anual East Camden Expedition Pt. 3

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Now for the long awaited day-2 4×4 ride. We woke on the second day to see that a late night storm completely obliterated the camp. Fortunately, we weathered the storm quite well in the enclosed trailer. Equally fortunate, all of our ATV’s and vehicles escaped harm. The photos below show the camp minus the canopies and shower that blew away in the night. It appears that the ATV’s far outnumber the people on this trip. That’s what I call being prepared. Had the storm taken out a few of them, we still would have had enough to continue the ride.

The guys spent the morning rebuilding the camp while I cooked breakfast burritos for everyone. Once we recovered from the previous night, the storm, and the rebuilding of the camp, we geared up to head out to the main event: magnum mud, rugged terrain, and everything else we could steer toward. We plotted a course that would take us over a large portion of the property through the most challenging routes, i.e. abandoned trials, wash-outs, deep water, etc. On the first leg, we encountered a series of creek crossings that proved to be moderately challenging. In fact, it took most of the day to get through them all. Second, our path took us through a long stand of flooded timber. The challenge of riding in murky water is that you cannot see the bottom and have no idea if or when you might drop out of sight. Below you will see a slideshow, followed by videos of our encounters. The video footage, which contains the subsequent and moderately humorous dialogue, is from Chris Taylor’s hat cam.

Slideshow: Outlines the Day-2 highlights.

Video 1: Our encounters with the creek.

Video 2: Flooded pipelines.

Video 3: Into the unknown – Flooded wilderness.

Alright, that sums up Day-2, but last and certainly not least, I will be posting the Day-3 freestyle ride; one of the best rides of the event….lots of action (and carnage) so keep an eye out for the upcoming post!

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