Nicholas Fluhart

June 19, 2010

More to come…

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I’ve gotten a few inquiries about new posts, so I just wanted to say that I haven’t forgotten about the blog, there’s just been a few things that have had me tied up. Although I haven’t made any new posts lately, I have been working behind the scenes. I’ve been replacing and resizing pictures which has taken an exceptional amount of time (still only about half finished). We also had a server crash at my office where I store most of my pictures, and although we were able to recover everything, my pictures were placed in no particular order in my storage folders. So I’ve been working to properly arrange the thousands of photos I have that will soon find their way into blog posts. Furthermore, the first part of the year is always the busiest for my business, and since I’ve been shorthanded, I haven’t had as much time for things like blogs and such.

To keep up with the extra work load I had to perform several facility upgrades, especially out at the shop where I wired in some lighting and receptacles for an outside work station as well as installed more air receptacles and hose reels.

Cleaning up some wiring.

Hanging/Plumbing a Hose Reel

I’ve also had to keep up with a lot of day-to-day work, such as tearing down machines and processing parts as shown below.

Disassembling an ATV

Reworking a cylinder head.

Then of course there is the unexpected.

Broken Water Pipe

Broken Phone Line

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Anyway, there are some really great posts to come. I’ve completed a few projects and I’ve got a lot to write about. So check back soon…

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