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February 25, 2010

Multi-Purpose Motorcycle/ATV Trailer

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When you do a lot of hauling and moving materials and equipment, you learn fast that the bed of a pickup truck isn’t always adequate. For that reason, I use a variety of different types of trailers. Since I stay involved with dirt bikes and ATV’s, I found myself needing the ability to haul both my machines and my equipment, tools, and supporting materials. However, if your bike is in the back of the truck you are limited on space for other things. This is where a trailer comes in handy, and what better than a trailer that will haul a dirt bike? A trailer that will haul two dirt bikes or an ATV.

My bike hauler appears to have been built back in the 70’s, but it’s a really good little trailer. I traded a set of motorcycle forks for this trailer and an antique Westinghouse AC arc welder. I couldn’t be happier. Both the trailer and the welder work great.

The things I had to do to this trailer for it to meet my specifications were as follows:

The first thing I did was replace the old polyglass tires with a new set of radials. I also painted the trailer from the old 70’s brown to low-gloss black and I installed new marker lights and rewired the existing lights. At that point the trailer was ready to go and I used it to haul dirt bikes for years to follow. However, the biggest problem is that it was only equipped to haul motorcycles and not ATV’s. So recently I decided to change that…

I bought a treated 12′ 2×12 and cut it in half to form two 6′ planks which I then bolted next to the outside slats. Fantastic solution.

And now I have a cross-functional bike hauler and can haul my tool boxes and supplies in the back of my truck.

Until the next trailer…


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  1. A trailer is a perfect companion to a fully loaded rider. My truck is not enough for loading all my stuff and bikes. We often do trail rides every week and doing some ATV. We use to load one bike at the truck and another bike and ATV on the trailer. To make loading and unloading the bike easy from the truck, I installed a specially made ramp that is far the best out there. You might wanna check out on our website at

    Comment by Rodney@Shark Kage — November 14, 2014 @ 6:00 am | Reply

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