Nicholas Fluhart

December 5, 2009

Driveway Maintenance

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The driveway here at the Omni Complex was getting pretty rough so I decided to do some maintenance. Typically, if you have major ruts or holes you would want to bring in some clay-gravel to fill in the low spots and then top it off with a load of wash-rock which packs into the clay and leaves you with a smooth clean finish. However, in this case there really wasn’t any “major” damage, mostly just some soft spots that were starting to get worse due to the wet season. So I had a load of wash-rock hauled in so I could spread it out over the soft spots in order for it to pack in and restore the integrity of the driveway.

It’s important to spread wash-rock thin or else you end up with thick patches of gravel that makes it hard to walk or drive in. The load seen above is 8 cubic yards which is about half of a load for the truck shown. Now if you’ve dealt with gravel before you know a pile like the one shown can be deceiving because the amount looks a lot smaller than it actually is. I was concerned it wouldn’t be enough but my concerns were unfounded. It was just the right amount. Given how thin wash-rock has to be spread, the load actually covered a lot more than I thought it would.

Since my tractor was down for upgrades I had a friend bring his tractor over so we could spread the gravel. He started out until he got called out to work so I jumped on the tractor and finished the job. The front-end loader spread the gravel like butter on toast. Fantastic.

Shortly after the gravel was spread we got a chance to test it. I had a freight truck stop in for a pickup.

Everything turned out great. The amount of gravel was perfect and now I have a nice driveway that keeps my tires clean and my ride smooth.


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