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September 23, 2009

Another TCB Post

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Just thought I’d put up a quick post showing one of the many things I do at my company, OmniSales International. Part of the daily ‘taking care of business’ (TCB). One of my customers contacted me about a clean Honda 300EX ATV he had purchased for resale. Knowing that I deal on the internet, he knew that I could make him a quick sale for a nominal fee. So how do I go about doing just that?

First I immediately begin conducting research to see what similar ATV’s have sold for over the last 30 days and the location of the sales. This gives me an idea of the current market and the specific regions where our potential buyers will be located. It also gives me an idea of the price for which we will be able to sell the ATV which tells me whether or not my service is the best alternative for the customer. In other words, it tells me if the ATV will sell for enough money to get my customer the amount he needs after my commission is deducted.

I then choose the sites I will use, i.e. eBay, Craigslist, online classifieds, etc. and I develop the representation of the item with a competent, informative description and exceptional photos. In this particular case, I used eBay and this is how I setup the listing. I use a variety of full bike shots and closeups at different angles and sequences depending on what I’m trying to accomplish.

A small example of some lower quality pics, but you get the point:

EX-1 EX-2
EX-3 EX-4
EX-5 EX-6

Then I top off the fantastic description and photos with a video to best show the item’s condition, meaning I show the ATV starting, idling, operating, etc. It’s important to realize that when a buyer is buying something from a remote location, sight unseen, the video really makes the sale. They get to not only hear the machine run, but also see it operate.

Here’s the clip I used:

And that’s pretty much how it goes. I sold this one quickly and my customer and the buyer were both happy.

Until next time…

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